Q.Where can I see a detailed programme listing for all my favourite shows on EATV?

EATV'S Website has a detailed programme listing for the entire week. Please visit the SHOWS section on the EATV homepage, and check out what you want to see

Q. How do i submit feedback?

We welcome comments, suggestions & ideas on existing EATV shows. This can be done through the Contact Us link on our website. Under the Nature of Subject comments can filed in either the “general” or “complaint” sub menus.
Q. How can I propose new ideas for shows I would like to see on EATV, and shows that I may want EATV to help me produce?
EATV is always delighted to receive all viewer comments and feedback, and welcomes any suggestions you may have for the channel's enhancement, as well as for interesting programmes and shows. Send us all your ideas through the following ways;
Q. How do I submit my music video to EATV?
Download the music submission form which has all the relevant information, and contact the following;

Q. How do I make a comment?
Comments can be made on the website, after you have registered. All registered users need to “Log on” in order to make comments.
Q. Why should I register?
When you register to join our communities, you can participate in comptitions which are open to members only, you're eligible for birthday wishes & gifts, plus you can interact with other members in the community. Registering also helps us to keep in touch with you.
Q. How do I find something on the website?
You can Navigate the website by using the menu situated at close to the top of the page. For more specific searches, type your query in the search box located just beneath the menu.
Q. I've noticed a problem with the website where do I report it?
You can contact the Webmaster in the contact us page.
Q. How do I advertise with EATV?
Please do get in touch with EATV LTD for all advertising requirements on EATV. You can do so on the Contact Us page, under the advertising caption or through the EATV Contacts listed on the page.
Q. How do I submit news or request for news coverage?
Contacts for press release or news coverage, [email protected] or [email protected]

Q. Are you interested in working for EATV?
Occasionally, we have job openings for various positions. If you'd like to make your availability as a potential employee, or intern known to us, you're welcome to send in a cover letter and CV to be kept on file for future reference. Please use the JOBS page for more information.